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Liquid magnesium chlorate defoliant

     Chlorate-magnesium defoliant liquid is produced in the form of an aqueous solution with a content of magnesium chlorate 36%.

Chlorate-magnesium defoliant used in agriculture for pre-harvest removal of leaves and drying plants (cotton plants, soybeans, sunflower, potatoes) i.e. as a defoliant and desiccant.

Chemical formula is Mg(ClO3)2 

TS 00203855-34:2015
HS Code 3808932700

Safety requirements: low toxicity and stable upon storage, non-volatile, odorless. The degree of impact on the human body HMD referred to moderate hazardous substances hazard class 4.


Index indicator

The norm


Appearance and color

Liquid with a slightly yellowish tint, odorless.

Allowed a slight deposit of salts.


Density at 20 ° С, g / cm3, not less than



Mass fraction of magnesium chlorate Mg (ClO3) 2,%, not less than


     Packaging: The product is packed in tightly sealed plastic containers with a capacity of 60 dm3 to 1000 dm3. The volume of the filled product should not exceed 0.9 of the volume of the tara.

     Transportation: in covered railway wagons and also trucks in accordance with transport regulations for pesticides in the transport.

                              Warranty period of storage two years from date of manufacture

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