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The next annual general meeting of shareholders of JSC "FARGONAAZOT" 28.05.2018 07:04



The next annual general meeting of shareholders of JSC "FARGONAAZOT" will be held on June 29, 2018 in the administrative building of the company located at: Tashkent, Navoi street, 38.

The beginning of registration of shareholders at 10:00.

The beginning of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company at 11:00.

Date of drawing up the register of shareholders of the company for the general meeting of shareholders on June 25, 2018.




1. Approval of the quantitative and personal composition of the accounting committee and the term of their authority;

2. Approval of the annual report of JSC "Fargonaazot" and compliance with the parameters of the company's business plan for 2017;

3Hearing of the conclusion of the Audit Commission on the results of financial and economic activities of the company for 2017;

4. The distribution of the company's net profit for 2016-2017, the determination of the amount of dividends, the form, procedure and timing of their payment;

5. Hearing of the report of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Fargonaazot" on the results of activities for 2017;

6. Hearing of the report on the results of the evaluation of the corporate governance system and compliance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Codex;

7. Election of members of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Fargonaazot";

8. Election of members of the Audit Commission of JSC "Farg'onaazot";

9. On the extension of the employment contract with members of the board of the company;

10. On the remuneration and compensation of members of the Corporate Management;

11. On approval of transactions with affiliated persons of JSC "Fargonaazot";

12. On the introduction of changes in the organizational structure of company, by approving it in a new edition.


  • • Shareholders can familiarize with materials to be considered at the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, at the address: Fergana, Sanoat street, 222, in the building of the company, from the date of the announcement of this notice in the newspaper to June 28, 2018. from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.
  • • When registering for participation in the meeting, the shareholder must have a passport or other document that replaces him, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the representative of the shareholder, in addition, a properly issued power of attorney. Company’s e-mail address: info@azot.uz

The Supervisory Board of the Company



Chairman of the Board                                                                                Salijanov А.Т.

from 9:00 to 18:00
break from 12:00 to 13:00
weekend: Saturday, Sunday
Uzbekistan, Fergana region, Fergana, Sanoat street 222