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At the factory held a seminar for industrial automation specialists. 21.12.2018 11:46

According to the level of automation of production processes, today Farg‘onaazot JSC is one of the leaders in the Republic.And in the chemical industry, our factory is undoubtedly the leader in industrial automation.Today, all the main technological workshops of our plant are already fully automated, therefore our specialists of the automated process control systems have extensive experience in the operation, repair and maintenance of automation systems.At the initiative of JSC Farg'onaazot and JSC Uzkimyosanoat, on December 6 of this year, a workshop was held at our plant for specialists of the automated process control systems and instrumentation and control of industry enterprises in order to share this great experience and to familiarize them with modern means and automation programs.To participate in the seminar, responsible specialists of the enterprises of the chemical and mining industry of Uzbekistan arrived at our plant: “Uzkimyosanoat”, “Navoiyazot”, “Maxam-Chirchik”, “Dekhkanabad potassium”, “Kungrat soda”, “Jizzak Plastics”, “Kokand superphosphate" Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, etc., more than 14 enterprises in total.

The seminar was held in the format of a dialogue between colleagues. At the beginning, Rakhimov Kh.Kh., Production Director of JSC Farg‘onaazot. opened the seminar with a welcome speech. This was followed by the reports of Z.A. Sadikov, Head of the Department of ICT, Process Control Systems and Metrology, and M. Kasimov, Head of the Process Control System Department. The speakers spoke to the guests about the operating experience of various systems at the plant, as well as about the advantages of the newly installed ACS systems. Representatives of our foreign partner, Yokogawa E. Koromyslov and D. Surenin, also participated in the seminar with their presentation.

It has to be said that this newly introduced ACS system not only simply updated the morally and physically obsolete old equipment, but was also implemented taking into account measures aimed at eliminating design flaws and omissions of the previous system. And also, innovations were introduced in the new process control system to ensure a safer process and to increase the reliability of the actuators. For example, schemes and software algorithms have been introduced that ensure the prevention of false triggering of technological interlocks in the event of a break in the cables of valves and shut-off valves. In addition, all field devices equipped with spark protection devices.

And this, along with improving the reliability of the system, also provides new opportunities in terms of compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and TB. The new system of automated process control systems for technologists-operators who manage the system also offers new features and amenities. In particular, when controlling with fine-tuned regulators and with analytical control of the process, the advantages of the new system are immediately apparent. In general, the newly introduced system Yokogawa Centum VP6, served as another step towards the introduction of modern advanced technologies in our factory.

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