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Today, one of the channels of the social network published news related to the issue of the activities of the Ferganaazot joint-stock company, which says “Going to work is more expensive than ever.” In this regard, Ferganaazot Joint Stock Company reports the following:

First of all, there are a number of inaccuracies in the communication and in response to the author’s claim that “going to work is more expensive than ever”, it should be noted that,  during the quarantine period in order to ensure timely, safe, cost-effective and to ensure quarantine measures, Ferghanaazot JSC launched 21 buses a day in the established order in 22 directions of 60 rounds.

The news said that “the administration of the enterprise asked the workers to write a note for a visit to work in the quarantine period. Another requirement is that we must buy the necessary food in stores in the factory area. However, shopping is very expensive. ” In response to this: First of all, the main purpose of the receipt is to protect employees from the coronavirus COVID-2019. That is, it aims to protect against the coronavirus COVID-2019 on the way to work, as well as to purchase everyday expenses.

In order to provide social support to employees, to ensure food safety, to prevent threats to the health and life of themselves and their families by purchasing food products in markets and in stores away from their homes, 3 grocery stores were organized by the entrepreneurs on the territory of the enterprise. In stores, goods necessary for the daily needs of workers are sold at market prices in full compliance with sanitary rules. It should be noted that public control was established to ensure that prices in stores did not rise sharply, and so far no objections or complaints have been received from employees. In response to the proposal “We demand an increase in our wages”: Ferganaazot JSC, in the prescribed manner, accurately and efficiently implements all regulatory documents adopted in the Republic of Uzbekistan for financial support for employees of enterprises and organizations during the quarantine period.

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the situation during the quarantine period, please contact the Ferganaazot AO Press Service hotline at (73) 242-63-90, (93) 980-40-35.

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