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Powder Mineral Activated

          Powder mineral activated (hereinafter - powder), obtained by finely grinding lime slurry and used as a component of asphalt-concrete mixtures

Ts 00203855-03: 2014
HS Code of Foreign Trade 3824909709

    Safety requirements: The powder is non-toxic, does not pose a hazard during manufacturing, transportation, storage and operation and belongs to the group of non-combustible materials in accordance with GOST 30244. The materials used for the production of the powder are not harmful to the skin.

Index  indicators Norm

Grain composition,%, by weight:

Smaller than 1,25 mm, not less than

- «- 0.315 mm

- «- 0,071 mm



Not standardized
2 Humidity,%, by weight, no more than 2,0
3 Porosity,%, not more than 30
4 Swelling of samples from a powder mixture with Bitumen,%, by volume, not more than


5 Hydrophobicity The powder is considered hydrophobic if, after 24 h, it does not settle on the bottom, and there is no visible wetting of the powder with water

       The product is packed: The powder is packed in paper bags according to GOST 2226, polyethylene bags according to GOST 17311 or other bags according to the current regulatory documentation.

      Transported: transported by all modes of transport in covered vehicles, with the observance of the "Rules for the Carriage of Goods" operating on this mode of transport. Upon agreement with the consumer, powder may be delivered unpacked by any means of transport.

                                  The warranty period for storage of the reagent is unlimited

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