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Technical gaseous oxygen in cylinders

Technical gaseous oxygen in cylinders represents the product obtained from the atmospheric air by deep cooling or water electrolysis.

Technical gaseous oxygen in cylinders is used for welding of non-ferrous metals, light alloys, for intensification of metallurgical processes.


TSh 6.3-70: 1998
Hs code:2804400000


Chemical formula – O2

Application area:

Technical oxygen is used:

  •  In medicine
  •  In welding metals
  •  In the chemical industry
  •  As a propellant
  •  In the food industry


     The oxidant of this fuel is liquid oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and other oxygen-rich compounds:

The most powerful oxidant of rocket fuel is a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid ozone.

     In medicine:

 Oxygen is used in violation of breathing for the treatment of asthma, in the prevention of hypoxia, and etc. It is also used not only in lung and heart disease, but also is effective in severe diseases such as gangrene, thrombophlebitis, elephantiasis, trophic ulcers.

     In the food industry:

Oxygen is registered as a food additive E948.

     In the industry:  

 Air Oxygen enrichment makes many processes more effective, and faster. In these processes.

Oxygen is not toxic, but prolonged inhalation of pure oxygen is harmful to the body.

The degree of impact on the human body belongs to the 4th class of hazard.


    Safety requirements: is a colorless gas, odorless, non-flammable, support combustion and oxidation. Pure oxygen is not explosive, but in the presence of organic substances, there is a danger of ignition (explosion).







Index description 



Volume fraction of oxygen,%, no less than



Volumetric fraction of hydrogen,%, no more than



Concentration of water vapor at normal conditions (20 ° C) and 730 mm Hg, g / m3, no more than (which) corresponds to the saturation temperature of oxygen at a pressure of 760 mm) 0.07



   The product is packed in special cylinders.

   Is transported in cylinders by all means of transport in accordance with cargo carriage regulations applicable to each mode of transport.

                    Warranty period of storage - 12 months from the date of manufacture of the product



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